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Rob Sachs, Jr. is the managing partner of the Philadelphia law firm of Shrager, Spivey & Sachs. His practice is limited exclusively to plaintiffs' complex personal injury claims.

Robert L. Sachs, Jr., Esquire

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In more than 19 years of practice, I have handled more cases involving congenital heart defects than any other type of case. I know the best experts and can help you through the maze of figuring out what happened.

Theresa M. Blanco, Esquire

Our goal as lawyers is to help you. Heart surgery is risky enough without any added drama or allegations of negligence. There are a lot of issues whirling around the St. Mary's Hospital pediatric heart surgery program.  Our job is to figure out which ones affect you, how it affected your child and what your options are.  With a lawyer on our team who has more than a decade of experience evaluating and litigating pediatric heart surgery cases and who has handled more of these cases across the country than most, you can feel comfortable that your interests will be protected and your needs will be addressed with compassion and knowledge.

We help you to get the information to understand what happened and make decisions